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Two main families of data models and how they affect your engineering - AI/ML communication

This post tries to explain, using an enormous simplification, the difference between two leading families of data models that are in use in modern data workflows, especially in the context of feeding ML/AI - relational and document/object representations. Read more...
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Arachne.ai - a biomedical data backbone

For the past several months, we have been finalising the first usable release of a system that we think would remedy some high-impact pain points we have seen in working with data in high-paced bio- and med-tech companies. Read more...
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Introducing HDRUK’s Innovation Gateway - the next generation health data resource

Health and clinical data is a central part of understanding the reality of dealing with diseases. The need for it only increases while the access-related challenges make it complicated to acquire. Thankfully due to a recent effort by HDRUK, more and more datasets can be shared. Read more...
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Chartering the vastness of biomedical data

There is an unprecedented demand for biomedical data both for research and application, driven by the availability of large-scale processing technology and the resurgence of predictive modelling / AI. Given the vast amount of possible sources, how does one know which one they should be using? Read more...
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How we host our sites

There are so many available solutions to website or blog hosting that it almost seems like a non-problem. One does not even need any technical skills to set some of them up. The question remains, how do you decide what to use? Read more...
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